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Most Americans understand the Revolutionary War was fought in defense of human rights and has since been celebrated on the ideals of conquest over tyranny. The conquerors, it is said, are those who record the history we inherit. What we weren’t told, until now, is how the Revolution played out in the backcountry between Cherokees and colonials. Using first-hand accounts from British Indian agents, Cherokee headmen, and colonial militia, A Demand of Blood presents a war fought in the shadows of the American Revolution.

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Nadia Dean author of A Demand of Blood The Cherokee War of 1776 published by Valley River Press Cherokee NC Appalachian mountains Western North Carolina

Nadia Dean was born in Columbia, South Carolina and grew up as a Third Culture Kid. Her Lebanese father and American mother introduced Nadia to a cross-cultural life. After living in Baghdad for two years, Nadia’s family evacuated at the start of the Six-Day War in 1967. In 1975, during Lebanon’s civil war, Nadia fled heavy artillery fire in Beirut. At the University of South Carolina, she studied photography and film. In Jerusalem, Nadia was the still photographer for the PBS documentary Days of Rage. Her photographs of the Palestinian uprising were published in Time magazine, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. The controversial film attracted media attention. Nadia became a source for stories in The New Republic and the New York Times.

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