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Order now Nadia Dean author A Demand of Blood Cherokee NCWe Americans sometimes forget how new we are to the history of the world.

“Here in Western North Carolina, for example, we live like other Americans. We drive cars on expressways, live in towns and cities, buy or build homes and apartments equipped with electricity and running water, erect schools, churches, and fast-food restaurants, build shopping malls, buy meat, vegetables and milk from large grocery stores, vacation at the coast or overseas, gather local information from papers like The Smoky Mountain News, and commune with the world via the internet and television.

“Yet, how often do we stop to contemplate how life was lived in these mountains less than 250 years ago, that quarter of a millennium which spans about seven generations of humankind, a blink of an eye in human history? 

“Nadia Dean’s A Demand of Blood: The Cherokee War of 1776 (Valley River Press, ISBN 978-0-9831133-0-0, $34.95) takes us back to a time when the fields and woodlands of these mountains were filled not with the noise of traffic, construction and the schoolyard shouts of children at recess, but with the explosions of musketry, war cries and the dark silence following massacre and devastation.” (Read full reviewHistory of Cherokee War is top notch, in Smoky Mountain News by Jeff Minick, April 17, 2013.)

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In a journey that brought her back hundreds of years through manuscripts, old letters and archives, a local author has uncovered a hero, written a book and shed light on one of the lesser understood times in American, Appalachian and Cherokee history.

“Nadia Dean has previously worked as a foreign journalist, private detective, photographer and geneologist. But it was a devastating story about a little-known and bloody frontier war in the famous American year of 1776 that caused her to drop everything and become the author of A Demand of Blood: The Cherokee War of 1776.

“It was a time when a burgeoning democracy clashed with a colonial power, embroiling the Cherokee people in a deadly tug of war for lands.” (Read full article, A forgotten chapter: Author ventures into Dragging Canoe's rebel war against the whites, in Smoky Mountain News by Andrew Casper, April 10, 2013.)

A Demand of Blood is imaginative, gracefully written, and brimming with excellent research in archival sources. Nadia Dean powerfully conveys a visceral sense of eighteenth-century people and places and vibrantly recaptures the gritty realities of everyday life among Cherokees and colonists. Anyone interested in the Cherokees and the Revolutionary War in the southern colonies will find this book a rewarding and entertaining history.” (David L. Preston, Professor of History, The Citadel Military College)

In this gripping narrative, Nadia Dean recounts a breathtaking tale of treachery and heroism. Based on meticulous research, this is a history of the new America that witnessed the death of the ancient one. This story of the Cherokees, whose legacy is at the core of America’s soul, reveals how the great war chief Dragging Canoe and his people treasured individual freedom and free speech far longer than the British imperialists and colonial rebels who had invaded their mysterious, sacred mountains. The battle for sovereignty was conflict of intimate savagery on both sides, as homes were burned, children kidnapped, and families slaughtered. The brutal war culminated in the 1777 treaties in South Carolina and Virginia. In the hands of a lesser writer, this would still be collection of fascinating personalities and historic facts, but here Dean transforms them into a riveting drama. The result is historical writing of extraordinary power.” (Randy Starrett, producer of the motion picture Tournament of Shadows)

Despite the importance of the Cherokee War of 1776 within the larger context of the American Revolution, until now, no thorough history of the conflict had been written. Nadia Dean ably fills the gap with her thoroughly researched and well written study, A Demand of Blood. This detailed examination of the Cherokee War is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the American Revolution or in Native American history." (James Piecuch, author of Three Peoples, One King: Loyalists, Indians, and Slaves in the Revolutionary South, 1775-1782)

This first narrative about the Cherokee War of 1776 tells of Revolutionary War intrigue and politicos who dispatched 6,000 militia who torched their way through the Appalachians, destroying over 50 Cherokee towns. Nadia Dean brings to life a powerful saga, which has laid dormant for the last 237 years.” (Lamar Marshall, Cultural Heritage Director, Wild South)